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Weed Free Flower Beds for Your Home

We Can Eliminate 90% – 95% of the Weeds in your Shrubbery and Flower Beds!


How we Get Rid of Weeds in your Landscape Beds:

Just a few weeks ago this flower bed looked very nice. Now the mulch is mostly covered in weeds.

We will provide six visits over the course of the growing season. These visits will be spaced approximately 4-6 weeks apart – the timing depends on the time of year & weather conditions.


  • We will treat actively growing weeds during all six visits.
  • The first treatment of the year will include a weed-preventer which will keep up to 80% of the weed-seeds from growing – it stops them before they ever get started (this is in addition to the spot-treatment).


The visits will control weeds when they are small so your beds look good all the time and there is minimal (if any) clean-up of weed debris.

How Much Does it Cost?

All properties vary in size & difficulty but, on a typical suburban property, the pricing is as follows:

  • First visit of the season (the service that includes both the weed-preventer and the spot spraying): $95.00 +tax
  • All other 5 visits: $65.00 +tax

If you are on our installment payment plan (or want to be), the charges can be divided over a 10-month period.

Note: Customers are required to receive all applications. If a customer skips an application, the next one will be charged at the normal price, plus 50%. The reason for this is that, when the weeds have more time to grow, it takes us a lot longer to do the work. Plus, your garden will have larger weeds that will shrivel up and die – which look unsightly, and we always want your property to look its best!  (Of course, you can cancel the service anytime and only owe for the services you received).


Other Weed Management Services you May be Interested in.

Below are a variety of services to control unwanted plant material anywhere, except lawn weeds. Our lawn care services take care of weeds in lawns.


Cracks & Crevices

Weeds growing in the cracks of a sidewalk

We will treat weeds growing in cracks & crevices in areas such as, patios, sidewalks, driveways and along the curb.

In addition to being unsightly, the roots of these weeds can do a lot of damage. A lot of money is spent to build these amenities but, unfortunately, over time, the roots of weeds can break them apart. Even when you weed-eat the weeds, the roots continue to grow as the plant bounces back.

Keeping control of weeds on a continual schedule will save money in the long run and make your property more attractive right away.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy treatments are not typically continual service – most often it is one or two visits and the dreaded weed is eradicated.

The green leaves are poison ivy

Common areas that we find poison ivy in a residential setting:

  • Growing up through a shrub or tree. Unlike this picture, sometimes the poison ivy blends in with the plant it is growing on. When this happens, the homeowners often can’t figure out where they are contracting poison ivy. We have seen trees that are completely dead, with live poison ivy covering all of the branches. If you don’t know what poison ivy looks like, you would think the tree is alive and full of nice green leaves!


It can be a difficult (and itchy) job to try to get rid of poison ivy with products purchased at a retail store. If you are going to try to eradicate poison ivy yourself, be sure to wear clothing to protect you and, as soon as possible after you are done, wash thoroughly with soap and water.


This poison ivy almost looks like a nice ground cover!
Poison Ivy Climbing a Tree


Mowing Obstacles

Any area where you need to weed-eat because a lawn mower can’t get close enough, is an area we could treat a couple times a year so you can forget about your weed-eating chore! Here are some examples:






Treating the grass at the base of this tree would look much nicer PLUS, it would eliminate the possibility of a weed-eater damaging the tree.

There is a stack of bricks covered by the tall grass & weeds. Weed management would improve the appearance, make it easier to access the bricks and reduce habitat for rodents and insects such as ticks.




Our residential weed control programs can eliminate the need to weed-eat around mowing obstacles and other time consuming chores.


Stone and Gravel Driveways

Green Giant can treat stone and gravel driveways to keep the weeds down all season long. This will not only keep the areas looking well-kept, it will reduce the need to add more stone over the years. Green Giant can control underbrush, weeds & poison ivy growing in tree lines and other areas that cannot be easily mowed.



For best results, these small (1-2 inch tall) weeds should be treated now. By treating when the weeds are this small, there will be virtually no remnants of the weeds to clean up or clog the gravel


This parking lot is going to be a bigger problem. The weeds are winning – they need Green Giant!
This is more grass then gravel












This is a clean stone parking lot!



Woodland / Forest Invasive Plant Control

If you own a wooded area, you might want to find out if any invasive plants are impacting the native plants in your forest.  A Green Giant expert can identify invasive plants and put together a plan to eradicate this unwanted menace.


At first glance, this may look like a normal forest – except, there’s almost no understory growth (low lying plants/shrubs) due to the invasive Japanese Stilt Grass
This picture was taken about 20 feet from the picture on the left. But, the Japanese Stilt Grass has not spread to this area yet – and the understory growth is thriving.












Japanese Stilt grass will change the make-up of a forest if it is not controlled. Think about an oak tree dropping acorns. When an acorn begins to grow, it needs sunlight. However, the Stilt Grass grows about 3-feet tall which creates solid shade and makes it impossible for the acorns to grow.  –And, it’s not just the acorns & oak trees that are affected. Maples, sycamores, beech, flowering dogwoods and just virtually all of our native trees grow from seeds that drop to the ground and need sunlight when they begin to grow.

Japanese Stilt Grass is only one example – there are many other invasive plants that can overrun a native forest.


Green Giant provides full coverage on a variety of surfaces, including gravel and concrete, bare soil, mulch and flower beds.  We provide thorough control to save you the time and effort, and every treatment is performed with safety in mind, both for you and the environment.


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