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Lawn Essentials – To Enhance Your Lawn

A beautifully maintained lawn isn’t easy to accomplish. Our lawn enhancements can significantly improve the curb appeal, comfort, and safety of your lawn.


Aeration with Over-Seeding – Can be done in Spring but Fall is better

All lawns sustain damage every year. If it is from kids tearing up the grass, drought, insect damage or anything else, it is a fact that a lawn will decline over time. The best way to avoid a declining lawn is to aerate and over-seed the lawn every year. This process repairs the damage on a regular basis – keeping your lawn beautiful year-after-year, no matter what abuse it has endured!

When a lawn is Aerated, thousands of small cores of soil are pulled from the lawn. This process improves your lawn’s soil and root-system – both of which are key to a beautiful lawn.

New grass-seed is then spread over your lawn. The aeration holes create the perfect “seed-bed” for the new grass seed to grow and thrive. Grass seed that is just spread over a lawn (without the aeration) has a very poor success rate. The aeration holes are what makes the difference.

As the new grass-seed grows, it spreads (“tillers-out”), to fill in thin and bare areas, leaving you with a healthier, greener lawn.

We will choose the right type of grass seed for your lawn. Have Shady Areas? No problem – we use the best shade-tolerant grass seed available. We’ll use a different blend in areas with full sun.


Lime – Can be applied any time of the year

Soil in our area becomes more and more acidic over time. Why does this matter??…  When your lawns soil is acidic, the grass cannot use all of the nutrients (think ‘Lawn Food’) that are available in the soil. Lime reduces the acidity in the soil which creates a healthier, more natural soil environment for your grass.

Lime also stimulates organic activity in the soil and thatch layer of your lawn – which makes a more natural, healthy environment. A lime application, each fall, will make a big difference to the most important part of your lawn – the root system and soil.


Surface Feeding Insect Control Program

A type of insects that most people have never heard or, even seen, can wipe-out the healthiest lawn in no time. Chinch Bugs, Sod Webworm, Armyworm, Bluegrass Billbug and Hunting Billbug are lawn-damaging, surface-feeding insects.

‘Surface-feeding’ simply means that the insects attack the part of your grass that is above the ground – primarily, the grass blades and stems. (Unlike grubs which feed off on the roots).

Our Surface Feeding Insect (SFI) program guarantees you will not have damage from these types of insects.

Green Giant Pest Control Technicians will perform 3-Yearly Inspections to determine if there are SFIs in your lawn.

This program is designed to detect low levels of insect activity before noticeable damage occurs. When SFIs are found, a treatment will be provided, at not additional cost, to control them. If your lawn does incur noticeable damage from SFIs, Green Giant will repair the damaged areas with a fall aeration and over-seeding (at no charge).


If you do not already have service with Green Giant Home and Commercial and you are in Southeastern Pennsylvania, contact us for your free estimate. 



Lawn Care

Green Giant Home & Commercial’s Lawn Care services control weeds, build the thickness and density of your lawn and protect it from being damaged by insects and disease, providing you with a great-looking, healthy lawn. We offer fertilization, weed control, liming, insect control, and aeration and overseeding. Visit our Lawn Care page for more information.

Tree Care

Green Giant performs: Proper Diagnosis and Treatment of Tree & Shrub Problems, Insect & Disease Control (including Spotted Lanternfly), and Nutrient Management via Deep Root Fertilization to keep your plants healthy and thriving. Visit our Tree Care page for more information.

Vegetation Management

Green Giant’s Non-Lawn Weed Control services eliminate unwanted vegetation in a wide variety of locations for both residential and large commercial/municipal properties. Areas include fence lines, around obstacles to reduce weed eating, stone/gravel driveways & parking lots, swales, roadside/curbside vegetation management and more.  Find more information, visit our Vegetation Management page.

Pest Control

Our full service pest control division provides both Year-Round Service Programs that cover the vast majority of pests that you will encounter and also One-Time Corrective Services for pests such as bees, ants, termites or mice. For more information, visit our Pest Control page.