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Lawn Care – Late Spring Application

Weed Control & Fertilization


Late Spring Application – Round 2


Spring is here! 

The lawns are awakening along with the weeds.  Fertilizer is most important now to encourage growth and recovery from damage caused this past winter.  Broadleaf weeds are more vulnerable to control measures used at this time of year.  Rapid weed growth helps distribute the control materials throughout the plant ensuring thorough control.


What was done?

Today we applied granular Fertilizer and liquid Broadleaf Weed Control.

The fertilizer contains both fast and controlled release materials.


What you can expect:

The fertilizer will enhance your lawn’s color and density without causing Surge Growth’.

Typically, fertilizer response on the lawn is visible in 10 to 14 days and will last 6 to 7 weeks.


What is ‘Surge Growth’?

Many fertilizers break down too quickly, releasing an overabundance of nutrients, which cause Surge Growth and Plant Weakness.  When Surge Growth occurs, plants are more susceptible to disease, and, as the season progresses, the turf may appear “burned”. You may see lawns that appear to be “too green.”  At first glance these lawns often appear attractive but after looking more closely, most people agree they look unnatural.  The fertilizers and rates used by Green Giant will not cause surge growth. We provide the nutrients needed without causing it harm and requiring more mowing than necessary.  While all lawns (especially healthy lawns) grow fast this time of year, your lawn will not experience surge growth while on the Green Giant program.

The broadleaf weed control is designed to control actively growing weeds such as dandelion and clover.  You can expect to see these weeds begin to curl and wilt within 5 – 7 days.  After several mowings, the weeds will break down. If weeds do not show signs of curling after one week but within the next 4 weeks, please call and we will be back to address them with another weed control application.  If weeds are present after 5 weeks, please call and we will schedule your next application.


What you can do to benefit most from today’s visit:

This treatment works better when watered in within several days, but avoid irrigation for the first hour to allow the weed control to dry on the weeds.  Normal spring rain will typically take care of this.  Mowing should be delayed for 24 hours to allow the broadleaf weed control to fully translocate through the weeds.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Mowing height is very important! There is a ‘Team Effort’ between the mowing height of the grass and the weed and crabgrass control products we use.
  • Maintain at least a 3” mowing height, and do not use a weed-eater along the edges of your lawn since this will most often ‘scalp’ the grass and allow crabgrass to grow.
  • Weeds and crabgrass will be able to grow if your lawn is mowed too short or there are thin or bare patches, regardless of the lawn care program you have.


Service Calls:

All programs include free inspections.  These inspections cover all areas that are addressed in your program.

We will keep working until you are completely satisfied!

 >> You are free to go on the lawn after the material has dried, which can take up to two hours depending on weather conditions.

> Small children and pets should remain off the lawn until the material has dried.


All of our programs are based on the principles of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally friendly and effective approach to controlling damaging insects, diseases and invasive plants. For more information about IPM click here.