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Winter De-Icer and Your Landscape

March 12, 2014 by Dan Rothermel

This past winter, we were all glad to have ice melter available (well, most of us anyway). It was in such demand that all types of salts were used, from table salt, to rock salt, to sodium chloride, to calcium chloride, to water conditioner salt. Some people also used some home remedies like beet juice […]

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Will Your Plants Survive the Winter?

February 27, 2014 by Dan Rothermel

Right now, a lot of us are longing for the sight of green grass and pretty flowers. We’re hoping that we have plants that survive the winter.   It’s all right there; it’s just sitting under a lot of snow and ice. The plants are just waiting for the opportunity to begin their renewal process […]

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Winter Weather Increases Risk for Allergies & Asthma Attacks

January 21, 2014 by Dan Rothermel

Cockroaches seek shelter from the cold, which could mean trouble for allergy sufferers. Fleetwood, PA – Most people think of pollen, dust and animal dander as common asthma and allergy triggers. You may be wondering if cold weather can cause allergies. Pest Control by Green Giant, a pest management company servicing Berks, Chester, and Lehigh […]

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Is Fall Fertilizer Necessary?

November 20, 2013 by Dan Rothermel

Why Fertilize my Lawn and Trees in the Fall? Basipetal Translocation of Photoassimilates, (that’s why!) Ok, that’s just a boring way to say your plants are now manufacturing food and moving it to the roots. Your grass and tree roots will use some of the “food” during the winter to maintain plant health, but most […]

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