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Apartment and Residential Property Management

You work hard to get good tenants, and you want to be sure to keep them happy. If your property is faced with a pest problem, you can bet that your tenants will be living somewhere different sooner rather than later. Apartment complexes are often the perfect breeding ground for various types of pests, from mice to cockroaches. Regular maintenance, inspections, and preventative treatments by expert technicians are the key to effective pest control. When insects and other pests in your apartment or residential property become more than you can handle, call a professional residential property pest control management service like Green Giant.

Our pest control team is experienced in all types of apartment pest control, from urban and suburban developments, to row homes or high-rise complexes. We will assist you in creating a plan that will not just address the short-term problems, but we will also develop a long-term solution.

Why Choose Green Giant Pest Control?

Our team has built a long-held reputation of personal relationships with our clients. We understand that for your tenants’ safety and your livelihood, pests need to be taken care of quickly and easily. We also know that we won’t be successful if our customers are not happy and that’s why we develop individual treatment plans for each client to keep those nasty pests outside where they belong.

If a problem ever arises in between our visits, we are only a call, email, or text message away. That’s our guarantee to every customer.

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