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What is Biting Me?

Mysterious Insect Bites Green Giant Rep: “Hello, Green Giant Pest Control.  How can we help you today?” Customer: “I have spider bites all over me.  I have seen spiders everywhere.  I need someone to get rid of them.” Some version of this conversation happens every week in our office.  Of course, the first thought is… […]

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Is That A Bed Bug Bite or Something Else?

You woke up with a bite mark on your arm this morning. The bite is unpleasant, especially before your first cup of coffee. As you finally take your first sip, you start wondering what the bite could be from… And of course, the first bug that you think of is the dreaded bed bug. We […]

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Best Bed Bug Prevention Tips

Bed bugs are often associated with sanitation issues, but the truth is that these pests are found in many different environments. They are excellent “hitchhikers” and possess uncanny characteristics that make them extremely difficult to control. Vigilance is the key to avoiding an infestation, even when on vacation. As we count down the days to […]

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