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Spotting Aphids or Scale Insect Excrement : A Sticky Situation

If your car’s windshield is covered with speckles of a clear, sticky substance you probably parked under a tree infested with Aphids and/or Scale Insects. Aphids and Scale Insects are very common. Both have “piercing-sucking” mouth parts and basically suck the juices out of the tree. It is unlikely that Aphids will kill a tree […]

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21 Ways to Kill a Tree

The seasons are changing and our trees are going to be bare soon. Many homeowners may watch as the leaves change colors, but are you truly maintaining your tree’s health? Below is a list of many common ways homeowners may find themselves with bare yards and very expensive tree replacement bills. Learn about these commons […]

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Will Your Plants Survive the Winter?

Right now, a lot of us are longing for the sight of green grass and pretty flowers. It’s all right there; it’s just sitting under a lot of snow and ice. The plants are just waiting for the opportunity to begin their renewal process that happens every spring. Even with all the snow we’ve had […]

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