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3 Reasons to Take a Mouse Problem Seriously

3 Reasons to Take a Mouse Problem Seriously

The sight of a mouse scurrying across the floor can be unnerving and the sight of mouse droppings on your countertop can be outright disgusting. What’s more alarming is how mice, rats, and other rodents can leave your home susceptible to major issues. So, every mouse problem—no matter how small—should be handled as quickly as possible. Here are 3 reasons to take a mouse problem seriously.

1. Rodents Directly Transmit Diseases

According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, rodents are responsible for a wide variety of dangerous illnesses, including Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, and Salmonellosis. Without getting into the gory details, what’s important to know is that mice and rats can transmit these diseases to humans through their droppings. And a single pair of mice can leave more than 1,000 droppings in just a week’s time.

It’s easy to see that time is of the essence when detecting and eliminating a mouse problem. Most mouse infestations start with a few mice finding an access point on the exterior of a building. Cracks in foundation or holes as small as a dime are easily large enough for a mouse to fit through.

2. Mice and Rats Damage Your Home

In addition to the health risks associated with mice and rats, there is also your property to consider. Because rodents prefer to nest in warmer environments, they’re more likely to find ways into your home. Once there, they can cause damage by chewing on wiring. There are even some cases reported where this damage to wiring caused house fires.

Mice and other rodents can also chew through piping, which can lead to potential flooding or the need for costly repairs. Not to mention more common damage, such as damaged furniture, carpets, and other materials.

3. Mice and Rats are Bad for Business

Businesses are also at risk when it comes to a mice or rat problem. In food service or commercial farming, any food contaminated by rodents is not fit for consumption and must be discarded. The lost profit continues with the structural damages mice can cause, as described above. Commercial food storage, machinery, and appliances can be severely damaged with mice or rats present. All of this means lost profit for the company and costly repairs when facilities are damaged.

In the ongoing war against mice, rats, and other rodents, basic rodent prevention is the best way of avoiding the costs and dangers associated with these pests. For homeowners, it’s important to know how to detect the early signs of a mouse problem, including droppings and nests in common areas (such as beneath appliances). If you suspect a problem, a pest control professional can determine the best treatment plan for you or your business. Once the infestation is eliminated inside, it’s time to tackle any exterior holes or other building defects. Finally, periodic inspections can ensure that no new access points form.

We hope that you take your mouse problem seriously and have it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem. You can learn more about Green Giant’s professional rodent control services here.


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