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Vegetation Management

Does your business have problem with unwanted weeds on its property? Overgrown weeds, plants and unwanted vegetation are not just eyesores; they can also cause problems for your business. Persistent and invasive weed growth can pose fire dangers, provide habitat for rodents, insects and other pests, and even impact your reputation.

At Green Giant, we provide comprehensive Vegetation Management services to a wide variety of customers with very different needs. With our services, we have the ability to provide the newest and most innovative solutions available. Through regular vegetation management, visibility is improved near business signage, entrances, exits, driveways, parking lots, and delivery areas, which increases the overall safety of the property and structures. Additionally, improved visibility around the property and nearby structures can help increase security, especially at night.

Commercial & Residential

The two most important things Green Giant will provide to you are:

  • A knowledge base -Green Giant can provide an explanation of all options available and together we can help you determine what is best for your situation.
  • The job done right – Our technicians are well trained and know that paying attention to detail is of primary importance.

Our goal is always to provide vegetation management in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

A typical vegetation management customer includes:

Borough/Township Managers

  • Curbside and roadside vegetation management
  • Selective control of invasive plant species
  • Vegetation control in rip-rap / stone swales

Facilities Managers

  • Fence line vegetation management
  • Stone parking lots
  • Weeds growing in cracks and crevices in parking lots
  • Riprap swales
  • Curbside and roadside


  • Vegetation growing on or under fences
  • Weeds in cracks and crevices of parking lots
  • Weed control in planting beds

Landscape Companies

  • Growth Suppression treatments on difficult to mow areas
  • Elimination of all vegetation prior to lawn renovation / re-build
  • Invasive plant control/removal
  • Tree lines – control of unwanted vegetation
  • Poison ivy control

Excavation Companies

  • Weed control on dirt piles
  • Weed control in stone swales
  • Vegetation Control in staging areas
  • Vegetation Control around equipment and supplies
  • Vegetation Control on gravel lots

Sports Fields

  • Baseball Infields

Vegetation Management Services should be part of your property’s regular maintenance to ensure optimal health, beauty and safety.

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