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Crab-X™ Crabgrass Control

Welcome to Green Giant’s Crab-X™ Crabgrass Control program!


Why Green Giant’s Crab-X™ program is Unbeatable!

The quick answer is, most companies and homeowners only apply one treatment of Crabgrass Preventer – which is not enough to get excellent control.

Green Giant’s Crab-X crabgrass control provides two treatments, with two different types of preventer.


How to Treat for Crabgrass?Crab-X™ Crabgrass Control

The 1st application controls Crabgrass before it starts to grow – that is, before the seed cracks open and before the first blade of grass pokes out of the seed in the spring.

The 2nd application also controls the seeds before they start to grow. But, it can also control Crabgrass that has already started to grow. This is very important to have exceptional control.


Can crabgrass preventer be applied too early?

Or, too Late?

Crabgrass seeds start growing at different times. The soil temperature will determine when the seeds start to grow. So, if the crabgrass seed is an inch or two deep in the soil, it will take longer to warm up than a seed that is only a couple of millimeters under the soil.

A Crabgrass seed that is in the shade will take longer to germinate than a seed that in a sunny area.

Therefore, the best thing to do is hit crabgrass early and extend the protection with the second treatment – which also kills crabgrass plants that have started to germinate.


An additional Crab-X Benefit

While you will see that the Green Giant Crab-X program will work very well on controlling crabgrass, the Crab-X™    program also controls many other weed seeds!



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