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Lawn Grub Treatment

What are Lawn Grubs?

Lawn grubs, sometimes called White Grubs, are the larval (immature) life stage of several types of beetles. Japanese Beetle grubs, Masked Chafer grubs, and June Beetle grubs are the larvae we encounter the most in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Why are Lawn Grubs a Problem?

Lawn grubs can cause major damage to turf grass. The majority of the damage is caused by the grubs eating the roots of the grass. They will literally chew off the entire root system in areas of infestation – portions of the lawn will no longer be attached to the ground!

The damaged areas will be like a carpet that is not tacked down. We get calls from people that tell us that the wind created by their lawn mower blew parts of their lawn away. Other times, the grass will stay green and in place for a while if there is enough rain but, when it dries out, the damaged areas turn brown very quickly.

Grubs are also a food source for birds and skunks. Both can cause damage to your grass as they forage for a nice meal. Eliminating a grub population can help prevent damage and also discourage skunks from visiting your lawn – gotta like that!

Lawn Grub Control & Prevention

Our experts know how to fix grub damage and then apply grub treatments. There are two types of treatments we provide for grubs: Preventative and Curative

Preventative white grub treatments are the preferred solution since a Green Giant lawn care technician would apply the treatment before any damage occurs – that is, before the grubs start feeding on your lawn’s roots. If you receive a preventative grub treatment from Green Giant, we will guarantee that you will not have any lawn grub damage that year. In the unlikely event that you would have grub damage after receiving a preventative treatment, Green Giant would repair and re-treat the damaged areas at no cost to you.

Curative grub treatments are performed on lawns that are currently experiencing grub damage. The material used will work fast to stop the grubs in their tracks. If you have damage from lawn grubs, Green Giant technicians are experts at fixing grub damaged lawns. We accomplish this by aerating and overseeding your lawn. Aeration with overseeding is the least disruptive way to repair damaged turf.

Our lawn care team provides grub control treatments to local communities from Reading and Wyomissing to Bethlehem and Kutztown and everywhere in between!