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Lawn Care – Aeration

Lawn Aeration




What is Aeration?

Lawn Aeration removes small plugs of soil and turf from your lawn. This will allow air, water and nutrients back into the root system. The plugs will lay on the surface and will be broken down by irrigation, mowing or rain.


 Why Aerate?

Aeration is especially beneficial for compacted or poor soil conditions. By growing a thick and healthy lawn, you are lessoning the opportunity for weeds to grow. Allowing the roots to grow deeply, you will produce a strong, more vigorous lawn.


What you can do to benefit most from today’s visit

Mowing or light raking will break up the plugs. Do NOT apply pre-emergent at the same time if you plan on seeding. Water your lawn a few times after aeration, especially during any hot or dry conditions.


You are free to go on the lawn immediately following today’s application.


All of our programs are based on the principles of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally friendly and effective approach to controlling damaging insects, diseases and invasive plants. For more information about IPM click here.