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Lawn Care – Early Fall Application

Early Fall Fertilization & Weed Control

What was done:

Today we made an application of fertilizer and broadleaf weed control.


What you can expect: 

This will help the lawn recover from summer stress.  The fertilizer will enhance your lawn’s color and density.  Typically fertilizer response on the lawn is visible in 10 to 14 days and will last 6 to 7 weeks. The broadleaf weed control is designed to control actively growing weeds such as dandelion, chickweed and clover.   You can expect to see these weeds begin to curl and wilt within 3-5 days. Click here for a list of Controllable weeds included in your program.


What you can do to benefit most from today’s visit:

Moisture will activate the fertilizer, but may reduce the broadleaf weed control if it rains within 30 minutes after the application.  If you don’t see the weeds curling after 1 week, please call and we will address with another weed control application. If you have weeds after 4 weeks, please call and we will schedule your next application.

Mowing should be delayed for 24 hours to allow the broadleaf weed control to fully translocate through the weeds.  Mowing should be done frequently enough to not remove more than one third of the grass plant at a height of 3 ½ to 4 inches.  Collecting the clippings is optional but should not be done until after the material has been watered in.  “Grasscycling” (leaving the clippings on the lawn) is recommended and works best when mowing the lawn often.


Beneficial services to consider:

Now is a great time to schedule your Core Aeration & Overseed.  Core aeration helps to decrease soil compaction, thatch, and improves root growth.  If your lawn is thin, we can also overseed at the time of the aeration.  Please text or call our office for more information regarding fall aeration and overseeding.


 You are free to go on the lawn after the material has dried, which can take up to two hours depending on weather conditions.  Small children and pets should remain off the lawn until the material has dried.


If you see any Surface Insects on your lawn between visits, please contact us for control options.


All of our programs are based on the principles of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally friendly and effective approach to controlling damaging insects, diseases and invasive plants. For more information about IPM click here.