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Lawn Care – Lime Application

Lime Application




What was done?

Today we applied a high quality, concentrated lime (calcium carbonate) product to your lawn.  This application will help to keep your lawn’s soil pH in a more ideal range for better turfgrass vigor and color.  Proper soil pH is important to ensure your turfgrass can utilize all of the nutrients we are applying in your scheduled applications.

This product is brown in color, and closely resembles the color and texture of soil.  We do not use hydrated lime, which is the white powder you may be accustomed to seeing on local farm fields.  There may be no visibly apparent evidence of this lime application.


What you can expect:

Lime is a soil amendment and is not directly used by the turfgrass, therefore you may not see any short term change in your lawn.  Lime applications work slowly over time to maintain or adjust soil pH.  Lawns will often respond to lime applications over the long term by being much greener, thicker, and fuller overall.  These results may require several applications over time.


What you can do to benefit most from today’s visit:

Lime applications can be performed at any time of the year, although the spring and fall are preferred due to increased rainfall and soil moisture.  If soil is dry at the time of your application, irrigating your lawn with ¼” of water is recommended.  No other special requirements are needed.  You are free to use the lawn immediately following a lime application.


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