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Name that Pest Contest Results

Each month, Pest Control by Green Giant publishes a “Name That Pest” Contest within the Wyomissing Neighbors Magazine, below are the answers for previous publications!

June 2016


Mosquitoes are not insects that have one nest (like wasps or ants) where we can simply kill & remove the nest to eliminate the problem. Mosquitoes have many breeding sites and they fly (or get blown) onto your property. However, with regular attention, Green Giant can provide a tremendous reduction of these nasty critters.

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May 2016

Odorous House Ants

The most common household ant is the odorous house ant. Their colonies consist of multiple nests and contain multiple reproducing queens. Odorous house ants are very tough and can continue living and working while injured. The queen can survive without food or water for over two months. They are very tolerant of heat and cold and leave a smell when killed, hence the nickname stink ant.

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April 2016

Carpenter Bee

More information coming soon!

March 2016


You may have a few questions when it comes to voles including, what are voles and what are they doing to my property? Find out these answers and more information by clicking the link below!

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February 2016


Silverfish are those slithery, silver, slimy critters you occasionally see scampering around your kitchen, bathroom or basement. Interested in learning more about the creepy critters?

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