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FYI: Not all Weeds Are in the Lawn

Vegetation management is a maintenance practice that takes place all around us, every year. Ever wonder why there are no weeds or other vegetation on railroad tracks, highway guard rails, stone parking lots, and fence lines?

This is because these areas are regularly sprayed to control the weeds. These areas must be kept weed-free to prevent accidents and injuries as well as to keep properties clean and well maintained. The same is true for playgrounds, walking trails, and wood lines around homes and apartments complexes.

The state of Pennsylvania also has an invasive plant control program to reduce or eradicate non-native, aggressive plant species. Many of these invasive plants crowd out the desirable vegetation in our native stands of trees or in our home landscapes. Some of these weeds—such as poison ivy, wild raspberry, and briars—can cause us physical harm. All of these can make life very uncomfortable.

The Benefits of Vegetation Management

Proper Vegetation Management controls these weed plants in a number of ways. Selective herbicides are used to control certain weeds where the native grasses are to be preserved. This control is preferred for retention basins and swales where erosion could be a problem.

Non-selective herbicides can be used in areas where all plant material must be controlled such as parking lots, fence lines stone swales, electrical substations and tank farms. These applications can be done as a one-time season long control or on an as-needed basis. These weeds can be difficult to control and the method of control may vary by weed type.

The application methods differ from situation to situation. High volume foliar, Thinvert, and basal treatments can be used in selective areas. High volume sprays are typically used in total vegetation eradication areas.

Very often people assume that the only way to control these undesirable and invasive plants is by physically cutting them down or removing them. The problem is that this is very labor intensive, expensive and only provides short-term results. However, very effective control can be achieved with the right application techniques and herbicide choice.

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