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Pest Control Needs in a Manufacturing Facility  (Non-Food)


The sailors on old wooden merchant ships had a saying, “Cargo Is King!”  This simply meant that the cargo being delivered is the most important thing on the ship – and that the crew would do anything necessary to protect the cargo from damage.

At Green Giant, we know that the materials, production processes, and ultimately, the finished product are the most important things in a manufacturing facility – and they need to be protected from pests.


Protecting Assets

The most important requirement is to insure the operational integrity of the facility.

All manufacturers have critical equipment, inventory and finished product to protect. Pests can lead to contamination, expensive damage, delayed production and they can also reduce the quality of the product.


Work Environment

Another key factor that we consider is the work environment for your employees. With a tight job market, employees are expecting a pleasant place to work and pest control problems can have an affect on employee satisfaction.


What Your Clients See

It is also important to consider your company image when clients, and prospective clients, are touring your facility. A pest free facility will create a positive impression and it builds your customer’s confidence in your operation.


Although they probably won’t mention it, a mouse running across
the floor may be your client’s most vivid memory of the tour.



In addition to controlling pests in the manufacturing and warehouse buildings, pest control is often needed in many of our client’s trucks, trailers and shipping containers. This work is often done for rodent control (primarily mice & rats), cockroaches, and bed bugs.  In recent years, we have also done a lot of work to control spotted lanternflies in and on our customer’s vehicles.


How to Secure a Manufacturing Facility from Unwanted Pests?

With all of our accounts, we like to have ongoing communication with the people working in the facilities. We make recommendations when we see conditions that are causing problems. Sometimes these issues are as simple as installing a rodent proof door-sweep and other times, a slight change in procedure can help prevent pests from gaining access to the building.


Rodent Protection

Mouse and rat monitoring and control is paramount in any type of facility.  Green Giant employs a comprehensive monitoring and baiting program around the exterior of the facility, as well as trap monitoring of interior areas. Our monitoring and baiting programs work seamlessly to count, track, and report activity on a schedule that fits your needs.


Knowledge is Power
Would you like to know which, if any, rodent bait stations have mouse or rat activity? Green Giant can provide reports after each visits showing the amount of bait that has been consumed, and the location of the activity, for each rodent station. This greatly increases your awareness of the rodent activity in your facility.


Trending Reports

Information that is gathered can be examined, processed, and then reported via Trending Reports.  Regularly scheduled meetings with your company representatives help us communicate the information contained in the Trending Reports.

A comprehensive approach to monitoring, recording, and communicating activity helps our customers make decisions as to when and where treatment may be needed in production facilities.  This is extremely important in food processing and food handling facilities, but also applies to non-food accounts where sensitive products are manufactured or packaged.


Building Defect Inspections

Regular building defect inspections are also an important part of a comprehensive pest control program.  Our technicians will communicate information about building defects such as cracks, crevices, vegetation, water\moisture issues, sanitation issues and make recommendations to rectify the defects.  Your Green Giant technician can correct many pest-related building problems or we can work with your maintenance staff to make the corrections.

Exclusion is one of the most effective measures a company can take to prevent pest issues and limit rodent access.  This applies to ALL types of manufacturing facilities.


General Pest Control:

Green Giant employs an interior pest monitoring program in key areas such as employee lunch rooms, office areas, locker rooms, and restrooms.  In non-sensitive, non-food manufacturing settings, rodent control devices may also be placed on the interior to monitor and control rodents.  Exterior spray treatments may be utilized to prevent pests from entering the facility, and spot treatments at entryways and shipping doors can be excellent control tools as well.

Green Giant also utilizes Insect Light Traps, or “ILTs”, to monitor and control flying insect activity in food and non-food facilities.  Biological dumpster treatments and drain treatments are often used to control waste buildup and reduce potential breeding and harborage areas for flies, roaches, and rodents.

Our technicians will also make recommendations on dumpster\waste container locations relative to entryways, drain maintenance, and other sanitation items to reduce or help eliminate pest infiltration.

In cases where a current pest infestation exists, our staff can set up appropriate clean out services to gain control over the problem while reducing or eliminating manufacturing down time.


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