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Ant Control

Effective Ant Control From Beginning To End

There are between 9,000 and 10,000 known ant species in the world. Researchers believe that there may actually be more than 20,000. Surveys by the National Pest Management Alliance consistently show that pest control companies across the nation receive more calls for ants than any other pest. This means your home or business may be more easily susceptible to ants than any other pest.

Green Giant Ant Control Services Can Help

The good news is that, other than the Carpenter Ant, most ants in our region are considered “nuisance pests”. This doesn’t mean ant infestations are fun or the DIY approach is easy, it simply means they do not pose much health or property risk.

To reduce the chance of having Ant activity, consider the following:

  • Remove any possible food and water sources for the ant
  • Move any wood materials that may rot away from the building
  • Remove dead or rotting portions of trees
  • Reduce dampness by keeping gutters unclogged, plant materials at least six feet away from the building and repairing pipe leaks
  • Seal openings with caulking around doors and windows as well as where the utilities enter the building

At Green Giant, we utilize multiple effective methods to control ant populations. We are the experts when it comes to finding colonies, removing infestations, and creating barriers to prevent ants from returning.

Ant Special $47.75 price includes an initial inspection and treatment of your ant infestation and our guarantee*. Includes nuisance infestations of carpenter ants. Heavy carpenter ant infestations will incur additional cost. Click here for more details.

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