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Green, Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Control

Effective, Natural Products

Green Giant treats your home the same way we would treat our own homes and we prefer to only use chemical pesticides when absolutely necessary. Green Giant’s first choice is always to use the smallest amount and lowest-impact pest control products that will still provide great results.

In many pest control situations, there are materials that are gentler and more eco-friendly than traditional pesticides. In some cases, synthetic insect control products are the only choice to control a pest problem; however, many times there may be better alternatives.

At Green Giant, we always practice Integrated Pest Management with all of our services.

Botanicals and Non-Chemical Control

Botanicals (Plant-Based products) are an effective alternative to conventional insecticides. In some cases, these products are derived from substances certain plants create to protect themselves from insects. Other botanical products made from plant oils can also be used very effectively in pest control.

The Botanicals Green Giant uses are in compliance with FDA Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) Standards. All ingredients in the GRAS products we use are Cosmetic Grade and are widely used in skin-applied products.

Non-Chemical pest control products are also very effective and have a low-impact on the environment. They typically work by a mechanical action that abrades or desiccates the exoskeleton of the insect.

General Guidelines that Green Giant Follows:

  1. Use the least toxic product that will control the pest
  2. Use the smallest amount of material to control the pest
  3. As the problem comes under control, address the cause of the pest issue and work with the residents to minimize the risk of future infestations.

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