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Bee and Wasp Control

Professional Bee and Wasp Pest Control Service

Bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and Cicada Killers are often viewed as a regular occurrence outdoors… But it’s time to call a professional when nests begin forming around your property. Call us to handle the job. We have the equipment and the experience that will ensure that your bee or wasp problem is taken care of quickly and properly.

As with many outdoor pests, proactive treatment is the best practice for homeowners to keep your family and pets safe and sting free.

yellow jacket nest in gutter

Where Wasps May Be Hiding

Most of us don’t realize we have a wasp problem until one chases us around the yard or front porch. Some wasps will build their nest within easy view, if you know where to look. Nests are often built in protected areas, where they will be sheltered from the elements, such as eaves, gutters, under railings and rafters. Others build nests that are not so easily discovered, such as in exterior gaps of your home or underground.

Our wasp exterminator technician will inspect your property, assess the infestation, and let you know of what it will take to remove the stinging insects.

Our Process

    • We identify the type of bee or wasp infesting your home or property. This may be the most important step as it is key to successfully removing the nest for good. Our technicians use different treatment methods depending on the type of pest.
    • Once the bee or wasp is identified, our technicians provide a treatment recommendation. The method of removal depends on a variety of factors such as the type of bee or wasp, the location of the nest, and the severity of the infestation.
    • Finally it is time for the treatment. The method used by our technician will vary from applying aerosols, dust, or liquid treatments.

    Hornet, Yellow Jacket and Wasp Removal That Works

    There are numerous risks associated with “do-it-yourself” bee and wasp treatments. Wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets, can deliver more than one sting, making them unpleasant neighbors or houseguests. Our trained pest control professionals are well-versed in treating any location of your home including those in hard-to-reach areas, indoors or outdoors, within crevices, wall voids, etc. Our exclusive treatments help keep your family safe, so you can enjoy the great outdoors, without worry.

    With Green Giant’s bee and wasp control removal service, you can also expect:

    • Guaranteed elimination of various stinging pest species (bees, wasps, hornets, and more)
    • Same-day service for your most urgent pest problems
    • Honest pricing without hidden charges or fees
    • No need for service contracts

    If you see signs of yellow jackets and wasps in or around your home, don’t risk getting stung; have one of our expert technicians help you get rid of them. We take all pest problems seriously and are committed to helping you ASAP.

    We service local communities from Reading and Wyomissing to Bethlehem and Kutztown and everywhere in between!