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Schools and Colleges

Every day, schools and colleges have hundreds of people coming and going. This foot traffic alone can inadvertently result in unwanted pests in buildings. Many schools also have cafeterias, which serve more food than many restaurants. These factors add up to an increased risk of potential pest problems. At Green Giant, our pest control professionals are thoroughly familiar with the regulations regarding pest control in schools and will provide excellent service within these parameters.

School and College Pest Control that Make the Grade

Like the students that inhabit the halls of a school, we understand that hard work is necessary for success. That’s why our staff works to develop long-lasting relationships with your school’s staff to ensure constructive, efficient communication about pest issues before they become a major problem. We do almost all of our inspections during school hours even though we will need to come back during off-hours to provide treatments. This way, we get a chance to easily learn about any concerns that may arise.

No pest control problem is too large for our professional team.