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Tick Control

Green Giant Home & Commercial is your trusted partner in safeguarding your home and family from the perils of tick-borne diseases. Ticks are more than just a nuisance; they pose a significant threat to your health, your pets, and your outdoor enjoyment.

As experts in pest management, we understand the vital importance of effective tick control, and we’re here to provide you with comprehensive solutions that bring peace of mind.



Inspecting the Right Areas

Anything over 4’ high is generally not considered ideal for tick activity, so trees and tree foliage are generally not treatment targets for ticks. These pests don’t like to be in low, maintained grass areas, like home lawns. So, the key to keeping them away from the spaces we enjoy is to repel them from the fringe areas, such as:

  • Wood lines
  • Weed lines
  • Field edges
  • High grass
  • Landscaping
  • Leaf litter (this is also a very important harborage and breeding area for ticks)

Most ticks are brought into the manicured areas of a yard by other animals, such as deer, dogs, and rodents.


Tick Treatments

We prioritize the safety of your family, pets, and the environment by using safe and approved organic tick control methods. While we would like to think the professional products that we use are the key advantage, tick control is more about treating the right areas, for the right pests, at the right times, with the right products. Our technicians understand how these pests reproduce, live, and move.

For example, a pest technician treating for deer ticks would focus on leaf litter as a primary target in the early spring and fall, rather than on landscapes close to the house. Deer mice and field mice tend to use leaf litter as harborage areas when temperatures are cooler. And deer ticks primarily move on rodents and varmints, not necessarily deer.


Recommendations for Tick Prevention

To help prevent ticks, we recommend avoiding high grass and waist-high weeds or brush as well as areas with a lot of leaf litter. Additionally, apply products with picardin or other insect-repelling properties when going outside, especially in these types of areas. Vet-approved pet products are also very effective when it comes to preventing tick bites and associated issues.


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Don’t let ticks take over your home or your yard and compromise your well-being. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive tick treatment. Our team is ready to address your concerns, answer your questions, and create a safe environment you can enjoy with confidence.

Our services start at $49, and Green Giant offers tick control in Lancaster, York, and Reading as well as in Allentown and Bethlehem.