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Flea Treatment

Flea Service Visit – Customer Information

Before we arrive:

  • All pets & people must be out of house for at least four hours after we complete our work.
  • Put all bed and crib sheets in washing machine and run it.  We will not be treating mattresses but this will get rid of any fleas in the sheets.  Blankets/bedspreads can be piled on top of the beds (not hanging down sides of beds).
  • Pick everything up off of floor (including things such as clothing, toys, pet food &  water bowls, books, magazines, boxes, trash baskets…).  Best results will be achieved if we can access as much floor area as possible.
  • Have everything off of stuffed furniture such as couches & chairs.
  • We need to treat the entire house/apartment so we don’t end up just “chasing” the fleas to another part of the home.


Things for you to be aware of:

  • As we complete our work in each room, we will open windows to ventilate the rooms. (So please turn down heat or air conditioning).
  • If you have ceiling fans, we will turn them on to help ventilate the rooms.
    • If you have other fans, just leave them out & we will turn them on before we leave.


When you come back home:

Allow at least four hours for the materials we use to dry.  When you want to re-enter your home, do the “paper towel” test.  That is, put a paper towel on the carpet, step on it.  If it is wet, leave and wait to re-enter the house.  When the paper towel does not get wet when stepped on, you can come in & use the house as usual. Pets should be treated for flea control, and any bedding or soft toys washed regularly.



The fleas will not be gone right after our treatment.  There will be a reduction in fleas immediately but it will take 21-28 days for elimination of all fleas.  A second follow-up treatment will be made 21-28 days after the initial treatment to guarantee all fleas are eliminated.


After we are done:

Vacuum all carpets daily for 21 days. This stimulates egg hatching and will provide better and faster results. It seems like a lot of work but it really helps.


Questions? Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your business and want to make this as easy & simple for you as possible!