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Mosquito Service Visit (Traditional & Organic)


Our over-arching goal at Green Giant is to make things easy for our customers – that includes our mosquito control program. While some companies require their customers to do a lot of the work, we only expect you to do two things (see bottom of page).

That being said, if you are able to do any of the items below, you may experience even better mosquito control than our program provides alone.


What was done?

Traditional treatments are every 3-4 weeks in areas where mosquitos rest, feed and harbor. Granules are spread evenly over standing water, which will keep larvae from maturing..

Organic Treatments are performed every 2-3 weeks. The additional treatments are necessary, as natural oils do not provide extended residual control.  The product is fed on by mosquito larvae and subsequently kills the larvae.

Both programs occur mid April through mid October and utilize a mist blower applicator to all vegetation (shrubbery) around the house, patio, deck, or other seating/entertaining area of the home. Surrounding vegetation, such as wood lines, and eaves may also be treated.

In addition to treatment, we will identify and advise of any issues that may exist such as leaking pipes, old tires, clutter, etc. This is necessary for the program to be as effective as possible.


What you can do to benefit most from today’s visit:

Mosquitos can lay hundreds, even thousands of eggs in even the smallest of containers. That is why it is equally important to be proactive when dumping water from areas that may be insignificant or overlooked. Some of the most common areas can include:

  • Roof gutters. Trapped rainwater in gutters are a very common breading ground.
  • Bird baths (change the water out at least once a week)
  • Water collection on lids, tarps, pool covers, etc
  • Pet dishes
  • Leaky faucets
  • Children’s toys, pots, buckets, old tires or anything that can hold rainwater
  • Turn over items like wheelbarrows and baby pools when not in use
  • Potted plants sitting on trays or dishes should be drained at least weekly


Other helpful measures:

  • Make sure window and door screens are “bug tight.” Keep doors & windows closed between dusk & dawn. Replace torn or damaged screens.
  • Use fluorescent lights. Incadescent lights attract insects, fluorescent lights do not.
  • Stay indoors at dusk & early evening. When you go outdoors at these times, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.
  • Mosquitoes are repelled by high winds, so electric fans can provide relief at outdoor events. (This trick also works for flies at picnics – place a fan at one end of the table and position it to blow over the food.)
  • Use insect repellants as needed. Be sure to follow all directions on product labels.


Requirements of the customer:


Service Calls:

All programs include free inspections. These inspections cover all areas that are addressed in your program. We will keep working until you are completely satisfied!


**Ask us about discounts on combining programs with Flea & Tick!