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Tree Fertilization

Tree Fertilization Services

Healthy trees begin with healthy soils. A very important component of any Tree Health Care program is fertilization. Trees and woody shrubs need the same basic nutrients that lawn turf and annuals do, but their fertilizer differs in how it is formulated and delivered. If your trees do not have the necessary types and amounts of nutrients, they will not be as strong as they should be. At Green Giant, our Tree Fertilization programs are specially designed to accommodate all of your particular tree species and varieties.

Benefits of our Tree Fertilization Services:

Tree and shrub fertilization can help stimulate growth and maintain vigor. For young trees and shrubs, fertilization helps promote new growth. For older trees, it helps provide a rich environment for them to maintain long term health.

  • Fertilized trees are able to maintain a higher level of good health by naturally resisting insect and disease attacks
  • A regular fertilization program performed by Green Giant will maintain a deeper, more fibrous root system to help the tree survive periods of drought
  • Root system improvements from fertilization will help your trees better absorb essential nutrients and water
  • Pressurized fertilizer application provides a uniform amount throughout the entire root system
  • Our fertilizers are fortified with additional ingredients designed to create a more favorable atmosphere for roots to thrive

As always, our experienced arborists are happy to provide you with information and advice to help you make the most of your tree systems. We have the experience and equipment needed to do the job right and get amazing results. Our team will work with you to keep your trees strong, healthy, and appealing for years to come.

Are your trees in need of fertilization? Try Green Giant Lawn & Tree Care today!