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Tree Winterization

Broadleaf Evergreens Need Winter Protection (Tree Winterization)

If you’ve got broadleaf evergreen trees on your property, from Mountain Laurel Ivies to Glossy Abelias, you’ll need a plan in place to protect them from “winter burn” when temperatures begin to drop. “Winter burn” is characterized by extensive damage to these types of trees due to the combination of dry winter air, cold temperatures, and frozen soil. Green Giant offers winterization programs to help prevent this severe winter damage.

Benefits of our Tree Winterization Treatment:

  • Clear Polymer coating ensures that moisture is retained in your trees’ leaves, preventing browning
  • Biodegradable winterization treatment is safe for the environment and for the trees themselves
  • Winter protection keeps your trees looking great and maintains their health for the entire season

When harsh winter weather conditions are wreaking havoc on your plants, even your broadleaf evergreens need protection. The specialists at Green Giant will evaluate your landscape and help you decide whether or not winter protection is necessary for you.

Protect your trees year round with Tree Winterization. Request a free estimate!