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Tree & Shrub Care – Winter Protect

Winter Tree Protection

Winter Protection – T09


Winter tree protection is ideal for protecting valuable broad-lead evergreen trees and shrubs such as rhododendrons, boxwoods, azaleas, hollies and laurels.

Winter protection forms a protective coating which holds in moisture on plant foliage and stems reducing water loss during periods of plant stress.  Winter protection dries to form a clear, colorless, flexible, glossy film without interfering with plant growth. Winter protection breaks down under natural weather conditions.

In winter the water absorption rate of the roots cannot match the transpiration rate (transpiration is the act of giving off vapor through plant tissue), causing what we commonly call winter burn. The overall benefits are that defoliation can be decreased, plant loss can be minimized and plants will keep a better appearance adding to the winter interest of your landscape. The vigor of your plants will remain higher for greater establishment and health.


Broadleaf evergreens can suffer from cold winter winds.  In the spring a damaged bush will have brown leaves and dead branches and may need severe pruning.  To minimize this problem spray them with winter tree protection, it is well worth the cost.


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