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Tree & Shrub Care – Systemic Trunk Injection

Systemic Trunk Injection Treatment


What Was Done:

Today’s Systemic Trunk Injection application consisted of a trunk applied systemic product, which was injected directly into the trunk of your plants.  Trunk injections are a very effective way to treat large or hard-to-treat trees for certain pests and\or diseases.

This process involves drilling small “holes” into the living layer of the tree, called the cambium layer, and tapping liquid-filled cells into each “hole”.  The plant will naturally absorb and translocate the product.  The “holes” are really just small areas where the bark has been removed and will heal quickly.  Several capsules were left behind today and MUST be left in the tree.  DO NOT REMOVE these capsules.  We will return to collect the capsules in approximately 1 week.

It is fine to use the treated area immediately after the application is completed.


FYI: Proper pruning can help prevent some potential disease problems by promoting good air circulation and reducing dead and diseased wood in the tree canopy.  Proper planting practices along with proper site conditions help to promote health and vigor, especially over the long term.

Very low pest populations are actually healthy and promote beneficial insects to populate your trees and shrubs, which in turn help to naturally keep pest populations in check.  Our treatments are designed to decrease pest populations so there is little noticeable damage to your plantings.

Check with us about our pruning services, which we offer during the dormant season.



All of our programs are based on the principles of  Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is an environmentally friendly and effective approach to controlling damaging insects, diseases and invasive plants. For more information about IPM click here.