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Controllable Weeds



*Two Crabgrass Preventer applications are applied in the spring. These applications prevent crabgrass seeds from growing. These applications are also referred to as “Pre-Emergent” applications – before the plant emerges. Read more about How to keep crabgrass out of your lawn.


**Crabgrass Control –Post-Emergent Crabgrass Treatments are used on Crabgrass that is actively growing in a lawn (after the plant emerges from the seed). Green Giant will provide unlimited Post-Emergent Crabgrass treatments at No Charge to customers that received both of Green Giant’s spring Crabgrass Preventer applications and are on a full lawn care package, or equivalent. Post Emergent Crabgrass Treatments are available to customers that are not of a full lawn care program for an additional charge.


***Difficult to Control Weed – Complete control may not be possible.