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Fence Line Vegetation Management

Green Giant’s Fence Line Vegetation Management service eliminates the hassle of weed eating, makes mowing easier and keeps your property looking clean and well maintained. Weed eating around fence lines can be a time-consuming and potentially dangerous job. Not to mention, the results only last a few weeks!

Fence Line Weed Management

Our Fence Line Spraying eliminates constant weed eating, makes mowing easier, and helps your property look clean and well maintained. While weed eating can be a weekly chore, fence line treatments applied a couple times a year are inexpensive and provide more long-lasting results.

Green Giant can treat stone and gravel driveways to keep the weeds down all season long. This will not only keep the areas looking well-kept, it will reduce the need to add more stone over the years. Green Giant can control underbrush, weeds and poison ivy growing in tree lines and other areas that cannot be easily mowed.

Fence Line Vegetation Management for a Season Free of Weeds

At Green Giant, our professional vegetation management technicians can provide precise herbicide applications along the base of your fence lines to keep these areas weed-free and prevent future weed growth. We can also apply this treatment in just about any location where close trimming is usually needed. The best part? This vegetation management service can often be done in just one to two applications, and it keeps these areas weed free all season long.

Unmaintained Fence Vs. Maintained Fence

Unmaintained vs maintained fence