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Forests & Parks Invasive Plant Control

Vegetation management in forests, parks and privately-owned woodland areas is performed to control threats to native plants and natural habitats. In many forests throughout Pennsylvania, if invasive, non-native plants are allowed to spread, the entire make-up of the forest will change. Invasive plants are those that are introduced into a region far from their natural habitat.

Eliminating Threats to Native Plant Life in Forests and Parks

Invasive species are a significant concern for people interested in conserving our area’s forests, meadows, fish and wildlife. In an effort to preserve the natural beauty of these areas, Green Giant has developed specialized techniques for treating invasive plant species. This way, balance within the ecosystem can be restored and native plants can continue to thrive.

Invasive Japanese Honeysuckle has completely crowded out and taken over this woodland edge in a local municipal park.

Invasive Kudzu vines blanketing and killing native plant material.

A forest floor taken over by invasive Japanese Stiltgrass. Notice how the native undergrowth has been overrun and wiped out by the invasive grass.


Stiltgrass has not yet spread to this area. This is how a healthy native stand of forest should look.


This woodland edge is dominated by the following invasive weeds: Alanthus (red fall color), Porcelain Berry (climbing an smothering tree in background, Invasive Japanese Honeysuckle and Poison Ivy.

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