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Vegetation Management Services for Landscapers

As landscapers, there might be times that your customers ask for specific services for their lawn, plants, grass, etc, that you either do not provide or that you cannot provide. By partnering with Green Giant, you will be able to fill the gaps in your service offerings and truly be a Full Service Landscape Maintenance company. By providing all of the services your customers desire, you will keep your customers happy and keep them from choosing a competitor that can provide a full array of services.

Green Giant works with many Landscapers to provide the following types of services:

Plant Health Care

Green Giant can diagnose and provide the proper treatment for almost any tree, shrub or turfgrass problem. Don’t keep guessing when you see plant material in decline in your customer’s yard. Discover more about Green Giant’s diagnostic processes.

Vegetation Management

Treatment and Control of unwanted vegetation in areas other than turf. Typical Vegetation Management work includes:

  • Controlling grass and other vegetation along fence lines to reduce weed-eating
  • Crack & Crevice weed control in paved areas
  • Weed Control in gravel parking lots, driveways, stone swales and other areas
  • Selective eradication of invasive plant species

Discover more about Green Giant’s Vegetation Management Services.

How it works?

Green Giant will not try to steal your work away from your customers – and we will sign an agreement guaranteeing it.

We can:

  • Work as your sub-contractor where everything goes through you – scheduling, billing, service calls, etc.
  • Or, we can work directly with the customer. When we work directly with the customer, we handle invoicing and collections for our services. If we work as your sub-contractor, we invoice you and you invoice your customer for our services.

We are happy to partner with your Landscape Maintenance company regardless of the payment method preferred.

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