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Municipal Roadside & Curbside Vegetation Management

If you’re a township or borough manager in the Berks, Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery, or Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton area, you need Green Giant’s Roadside and Curbside Vegetation Management services. We provide a wide variety of roadside and highway vegetation management services to help utilities and municipalities meet the demands of modern regulations and budgets.


Why Green Giant’s Roadside Control Program?

Our roadside vegetation management program depends on an integrated approach. This includes a wide variety of best management practices including an assessment of the existing conditions and determination of the type of roadside environment desired.

I’m sure you know that tree roots can damage and breakup concrete but you may not realize how much damage can be caused by weeds.


Even small weeds can cause significant damage to streets, sidewalks, and drainage systems when left unchecked. Take a look at what weeds did to the sidewalk in this picture.

The sidewalks in this municipality would have lasted much longer if a routine vegetation management program had been used. It is much less expensive to treat the weeds once or twice a year than it is to replace the sidewalks and or curbs.

Your municipality spends thousands of dollars each year building and maintaining infrastructure. Our comprehensive Roadside and Curbside Vegetation Management services protect and extend the life of your city’s curbs, streets, and drainage systems.



What is Roadside Vegetation Management?

Roadside vegetation management is essential to prevent the spread of weeds, as well to protect agriculture lands from areas of disturbance or transportation corridors that generally have a greater potential for the invasion and establishment of weeds. At Green Giant, we kill your municipality’s unwanted vegetation along roads, curbs, sidewalks and other infrastructure.

During the entire growing season, weed-seeds germinate in cracks where the street and curb meet. Our weed control kills those hard-to-get weeds.


Weed-Eating vs Spraying to Kill Weeds

If your primary method of killing unwanted plant material is by weed-eating (or weed-whacking – whatever you call using a string-trimmer) you will love the benefits of switching to a vegetation management program.

The three main benefits are:

  • Weed-Eating requires a lot of labor.
  • Weeds that are hit with a weed-eater grow back – requiring more labor throughout the growing season.
  • Safety – employees weed-eating along roads is dangerous.

With spray treatments, the work only needs to be done once or twice a year. The weeds don’t grow back and our employees receive extensive safety training. Our vehicles are set up for this type of work – we get on and off of the roads quickly.



Closeup of damage caused to the sidewalk from weed growth.









We provide you with vegetation management services because

  • Persistent weeds will cause street and road damage. The vegetation’s root system generates curb and street repairs that come with a high price tag to your city or township.
  • You want your town to look beautiful for both residents as well as visitors driving through your area.
  • You want to save money from having to pay a company or hire laborers to weed eat your vegetation every few weeks.
  • You want the job done safely. When climbing weeds or thick brush block drivers’ line of sight, there will be more vehicle accidents as well as concerned citizens.
  • You want to maintain your municipality’s infrastructure by eliminating vegetation from growing over guardrails and causing premature rusting.


How Highway & Roadside Weed Management Works

At Green Giant, our trained technicians use herbicides that meet the approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. We apply a minimal amount of weed control in targeted areas. We maintain safety and still achieve quality results with our weed control techniques.

We target the following three areas for Vegetation Roadside Management:

  1. Along curbs, gutter lines, and sidewalks
  2. Around catch basins, swales and other storm water structures
  3. Around guardrails, rights-of-way, roadside shoulders, and street signs.



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