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Municipal Roadside & Curbside Vegetation Management

When left unchecked, weeds and other plants can do significant damage to streets, sidewalks and drainage systems. Municipalities spend thousands of dollars each year building and maintaining infrastructure. Comprehensive Roadside & Curbside Vegetation Management services by Green Giant protect and extend the life of these investments. Weed control along roads and curbs also maintains the aesthetic appeal of a community.

A Dedicated Roadside & Curbside Vegetation Management Process

Green Giant’s trained technicians only use herbicides that are approved by the Department of Agriculture, and we only apply the product in targeted areas in minimal amounts. This ensures we promote safety and still achieve quality results. No matter the job, safety and service quality are our primary concerns. Typical areas for which Green Giant provides these services and weed control include:

  • Sidewalks, curbs and gutter lines
  • The perimeter of catch basins
  • Rights-of-way, roadside shoulders, guardrails and around signage

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