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Stone/Gravel Driveways & Parking Lots

Gravel Areas Weed and Grass Management

Gravel parking lots and driveways are very susceptible to weeds and grass, and it doesn’t take long before the entire area is overrun. Then when the weeds and grass die, they create soil that makes it easier for more weeds to grow. Over time, it takes additional layers of gravel or stone to cover the plant material.

Un-maintained lots

Unmaintained DrivewayUnmaintained Driveway

The solution is to control the grasses and weeds before they become a big problem. This can be done by using the appropriate herbicide at the appropriate time of year. By treating the weeds when they are small, it only takes one or two applications to keep your gravel areas clean.

Maintained lots

Green Giant can inspect your property and determine the most effective way to manage any unwanted vegetation. Green Giant always uses weed control products approved by the Department of Agriculture, and we use the least amount of herbicide necessary to provide excellent results. Applications are always applied by well trained, licensed applicators. For us, safety to people, pets and the environment always comes first.

Our stone and gravel weed and grass management services local communities from Reading and Wyomissing to Bethlehem and Kutztown and everywhere in between!