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Swales / Drainage Ditches & Detention Basins

Ongoing maintenance is critical to the performance of every stormwater system. Virtually all swales or detention basins should have a maintenance program that includes vegetation management. Swales and detention basins are specifically designed to capture anticipated amounts of rainwater runoff from a storm event (such as a 10, 50, or 100-year storm).

If a swale’s shape or size is altered due to overgrown plant material, though, it will not be able to accommodate the volume of water for which it was designed. With proper vegetation management services from Green Giant, these structures can continue working efficiently and safely.

Swale Management

Green Giant’s Swale Vegetation Management Service Includes:

  • Rip-Rap Swales: Swales lined with rock. If vegetation is allowed to grow, the swale can hold a lower volume of water. When the weeds die, they decompose into soil that further lessens the swale’s capacity.
  • Vegetated Swales: Swales densely planted with a variety of specifically-chosen, native plant materials. When invasive species enter the swale, they can grow and damage the swale’s structure and stability.
  • Regulated Swales: For swales that are regulated by a municipality, Green Giant will be present at your inspections to make the process stress-free.
  • Grass swales: Vegetation Management for grass-lined swales primarily includes a weed control and fertilization program, along with proper mowing, to maintain the swale’s integrity.

Our methods for maintaining swale structures include:

  • High-volume foliar applications: for areas with large and dense areas requiring elimination of undesirable plant varieties
  • Low-volume foliar applications: for smaller and less dense areas
  • Cut-stump applications: to kill the roots of the plant with a minimal amount of herbicide after the plant is cut down
  • Basal treatments:
    • For areas where the plant material does not need to be cut down and removed after treatment
    • Allow for treatments to be made at any time of year, including winter

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