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Crab-X™ Crabgrass Control

Welcome to Green Giant’s Crab-X™ Crabgrass Control program!   Why Green Giant’s Crab-X™ program is Unbeatable! The quick answer is, most companies and homeowners only apply one treatment of Crabgrass Preventer – which is not enough to get excellent control. Green Giant’s Crab-X™ crabgrass control provides two treatments, with two different types of preventer.   How […]

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What is Crabgrass and Why is it Bad for My Lawn?

Crabgrass is a lawn weed commonly found in Pennsylvania. A patch of crabgrass, in an otherwise nice lawn, sticks out like a sore thumb! To minimize the impact of this extremely abundant weed, it is helpful to understand some things about the plant. To get started, we’ll answer common questions, like what is crabgrass?   […]

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