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Lawn Weed Control & Prevention

Do you have visions of having a beautiful lawn surrounding your home, but your neighbor’s dandelions keep creeping into your yard? Have you tried everything, but your lawn is still being taken over by crabgrass? Green Giant Lawn & Tree Care can help!

Each year we see all kinds of lawns with extreme weed problems, but we’re the experts and know how to get rid of weeds. The more severe your problems, the more dramatic the change will be. With our Weed Control Services, you won’t believe it’s the same lawn.

How We’ll Solve Your Weed Problems

Green Giant’s Weed Control program is a multi-step process:

  • First, for broadleaf-type weeds, we’ll control most of them right away. Over time, you’ll see very few weeds in your lawn. For grass-type weeds, like crabgrass, we’ll apply “Pre-Emergent” product in early spring that will prevent most of the weed seeds from germinating.
  • Next, we’ll apply special fertilizers that will encourage your grass to grow. In extreme cases, we might suggest that your lawn be over-seeded to help fill in bare spots where weeds were especially invasive.
  • Extreme cases may take a full season of care and treatment to recover, but rest assured that by the following year, your lawn will be picture perfect.
  • Weeds can devastate your lawn, so it takes quick, decisive action to save your landscape and protect your investment. At Green Giant, we have the tools to treat weeds on your lawn, in planting beds, and anywhere they pose a threat.

Is your lawn in desperate need of Weed Control? Request a Free Estimate today!