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Mouse and Rat Control

Mouse Control From Start to Finish

Why are Mice in my House?

Mice don’t enter your house for the fun of it – Mice come into your house because they need something – it could be food, water, shelter, warmth in the colder seasons – or maybe, all of these.

To the mice, it’s simple, your house is the best option they have to survive and thrive.

In the winter, living outdoors is like living a cold desert to mice. Think about it, in the winter, there is much less food available but, they need to eat more food than in the warm months to keep warm.

When everything is frozen, there is very little food & water and, at the same time, they will have more predators trying to eat them!

So, if mice can find a way into a nice warm house, they are living the good life – they can always find food and water in a house. They will eat crumbs, dead insects, cardboard, you name it – and get water from condensation on a water pipe if they need to.

When are Mice a Problem?

The quick answer is, you never want even one mouse in your home. You may be wondering, “Is there always more than one mouse?” If you see a sign of a mouse, keep in mind, there’s never just one mouse in a house. And if there is only one, more will be coming soon!
mouse control

The problem is, when mice enter your home, a small pest problem can quickly turn into an all-out infestation. The statement, “…breeds like a rabbit”, that’s nothing. Mice produce babies at least three times faster!

Quick Tip! If you ever see a mouse running around your house during the day, that indicates that you have a large infestation. Mice are nocturnal – they are active at night – but, when populations get so high that the younger or weaker mice can’t compete at night, they are forced to come out during the day.

What are Signs of Mice in my House?

If you have not actually seen a mouse in your home (they are good hiders), there are other ways to know if you have a mouse problem.

  • Most people calling us for a mouse problem have found mouse droppings. Mice eat and poop, eat and poop, all night long – so the droppings can be plentiful!
  • The second most calls are from someone whose dog or cat is going after something – and, yes, it is usually a mouse. But, sometimes it’s a cricket or some other large insect.
  • Chewing – they can chew on wood, cardboard, through walls and dig into the ground.
  • Wires chewed – Mice will eat wires in a house and also in the engine of a parked car. We have seen many mouse nests in the engine compartment of cars. The warmth of the engine attracts the mice and the wires, insulation and other materials can be damaged by the mice.
  • You might hear them running around – possibly inside the walls or in the attic. 

Are Mice a Health Hazard?

Mice pose a threat to your home and health. Mice and rats are known to carry over 35 different diseases that can be spread to humans through bites, contaminated food or water. The mouse feces – actually, I’m not going there!

The bottom line is that when it comes to mice and rats, early treatment and prevention are key. With our *guaranteed same-day service, you’ll not only gain peace of mind; you’ll regain control of your home.

Mouse Pest Control Made Easy

For us, comprehensive mice and rat control means that our job isn’t finished until the pest threat is completely eliminated. Our rodent control professionals use their experience and skills to get rid of mice and rats effectively. Our commitment to integrated pest management (IPM) methods mean that not only will we make sure your property is rodent-free, but we will also rat-proof and mouse-proof your home to help eliminate future problems.

With Green Giant, you can expect straightforward, affordable pricing with professional service and effective treatments.

Our Mice Control Process


Our technicians will inspect all accessible areas of your home, from the roof to the crawl space or basement, to determine how rodents are gaining entry. Rodents are looking for food, shelter, and water. This evaluation is the first step toward recognizing where the mice or rats might be finding these necessities.


We will then employ methods to remove your uninvited guests through traps and baits. Once the traps and baits are set up, the technician will seal and secure potential rodent entry points to help keep future pests out.

Depending on your specific rodent problem, we may use one or a combination of the following rodent control methods:

  • Rodent Bait Stations – Bait boxes are set up in strategic locations around the exterior of your home or building. These are monitored and checked regularly.
  • Trapping Services – We may use snap traps or live traps. Snap traps are used only when necessary. If we set live traps, we check them daily.

Long-Term Maintenance

Finally, our team will re-inspect all accessible areas of your home to check previously sealed entry points as well as look for any new possible pest entrances. Sealing cracks, gaps, holes, and crevices is the easiest and most cost-effective way to stop pests from re-infesting your home.

$47.75* Pest Control Special!


Offer Details:

$47.75 price includes an initial inspection, treatment as needed for mice and other covered pests and free service calls to control covered pests for three months.

New residential customers only. Must purchase Green Giant’s Year-Round Pest Control Program. Taxes are paid by customer. Must either prepay or pay via auto-pay.

Heavy infestations and/or multiple infestations may incur additional cost. (We will not perform any work that incurs additional cost without customer’s approval). Must be within Green Giant’s service territory.

We service local communities from Reading and Wyomissing to Allentown and Kutztown and everywhere in between!