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Why are Two Crabgrass Treatments Needed in the Spring?

  First, How is Crabgrass Prevented? Crabgrass grows from seeds each year. Therefore, the best way to control crabgrass is to control the seeds with a “crabgrass preventer” application. A crabgrass preventer kills the seeds when they begin to grow.  We have primarily used a preventer called Barricade because it lasts longer than other products. […]

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How Do I Keep Crabgrass Out of My Lawn?

  The thing about crabgrass is that it is, well, it’s a grass. And, your lawn is also grass. So, if you want to kill one kind of grass (crabgrass) but not another (your good lawn grass), what do you do? You may know that there are herbicides that can kill dandelion, clover and many other […]

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