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Vegetation Management for Gravel Driveways and Lots

Maintaining a clean and well-kept stone lot or driveway is a challenging task. Weeds look messy and can attract insects and rodents. If left unchecked, the weeds will eventually take over the entire parking lot or driveway. In extreme cases, the stone may even be completely replaced by weeds. To help keep your property safe […]

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A Guide to Invasive Plant Control

Vegetation management in forests, parks, and privately-owned woodland areas is performed to control threats to native plants and natural habitats. In many forests throughout Pennsylvania, if invasive, non-native plants are allowed to spread, the entire makeup of the forest will change. Invasive plants are those introduced into a region far from their natural habitat. How […]

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FYI: Not all Weeds Are in the Lawn

Vegetation management is a maintenance practice that takes place all around us, every year. Ever wonder why there are no weeds or other vegetation on railroad tracks, highway guard rails, stone parking lots, and fence lines? This is because these areas are regularly sprayed to control the weeds. These areas must be kept weed-free to […]

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