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Crushed Stone/Cinder Paths

Green Giant provides vegetation management services for crushed cinder and crushed stone paths, asphalt paths, parking lots, trail head areas and other similar amenities. Our certified, professional team is trained and knowledgeable in environmentally-responsible, effective herbicide treatments for these types of areas.

Crushed Stone Paths Vegetation Management Projects Include:

  • “Side-trimming,” or the treatment of vegetation to control encroaching brush and limbs. Side-trimming is generally performed in the fall with products that cause the plant material to mimic fall color, providing a more pleasing visual effect.
  • Treating the trail surface & edges as needed to keep weeds and grasses from over-taking trails.
  • Parking areas and other non-trail areas can also be treated to reduce maintenance and eliminate weed-eating.

Along with properly applied treatments, an expertly conducted vegetation management plan from Green Giant will keep your crushed stone and cinder paths looking their best now and in the future. Our environmentally-responsible treatment practices ensure that your pathway is safe for visitors and the surrounding environment.

Green Giant also provides Forestry Herbicide Services to eliminate undesirable and invasive plant material and encourage the growth of native species.

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