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 What is ‘Surge Growth’ in a Lawn?



During the growing season, a lawn should be ‘fed’ over time – not just one big ‘meal’ and then have it starve until the next big meal.

Fast release fertilizers work well for late fall fertilizations because, in the fall, the top of the plant, the grass blades are hardly growing and the nutrients go to the root system.

However, if you use a fast-release fertilizer during the growing season, especially in the spring, your grass will likely experience surge growth.

Just to clarify, it is natural for healthy lawns to grow faster in the wet, warm spring then they will in the hotter, drier summer months. Surge growth is unnatural, excessive and damaging to the grass.

Fast-release fertilizers break down quickly, releasing an overabundance of nutrients, which causes Surge Growth and Plant Weakness if used at the wrong time of the year.  When Surge Growth occurs, plants are more susceptible to disease, and, as the season progresses, the turf may appear “burned”.

You also may see lawns that appear to be “too green.”  At first glance these lawns often appear attractive but after looking more closely, most people agree they look unnatural.  The fertilizers and rates used by Green Giant will not cause surge growth.

We provide the nutrients needed without causing harm to the plant or ­­­­requiring more mowing than necessary.  While all lawns (especially healthy lawns) grow fast this time of year, your lawn will not experience surge growth while on the Green Giant program.