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How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My Yard?


Mosquito season is here. We all know that mosquitoes carry some nasty diseases, but they can also be extremely irritating, chasing you and your family indoors on an otherwise beautiful summer night. We’re here to help you avoid being “eaten alive”.

While Green Giant provides Organic Mosquito Control for both season long relief and 1-time events, there are also plenty of DIY options you can try.

Why are Mosquitoes Attracted to My Yard?

The best way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is to address the mosquito eggs. There are about 60 species of mosquitoes in Pennsylvania, and not all mosquitoes reproduce in the same way. After breeding, female mosquitoes find a place to lay their eggs. The one common characteristic of all mosquitos is that their eggs need water to hatch. Some mosquitoes lay eggs directly in stagnant water, and others lay their eggs in a location where the eggs can dry out. Once these dried-out eggs get wet again, they hatch.

Given these differences, it is important to consider both continually wet areas and areas that dry out but later become wet. For example, a creek that rises after a rain or a normally dry area that floods with heavy rain.

Addressing as many of the items below as possible should help reduce the mosquitoes in your yard.

Make your property less attractive to mosquitoes

Since many mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water, eliminating this water will help reduce mosquito populations. Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs at a time and those eggs only takes 7 to 10 days to become an adult. Populations can grow very quickly if left unchecked.

Close- up of Mosquito’s larva

Eliminate Stagnant Water:

  • Keep rain gutters unclogged. These are easy spots to miss – out of sight, out of mind.
    • Most often you can’t look at a rain gutter and see if it’s clogged, and when it’s raining, you’re usually not outside to see if it is overflowing.
    • Rainwater trapped in gutters is a very common breeding ground for mosquitoes. Plus, it is right on your house and right above your head!
  • Remove toys, pots, buckets, old tires… anything that can potentially hold rainwater.
    • This can be more involved than it sounds – especially if you have a lot going on in your yard.
    • Look for kids toys, dog bowls, a drinking glass left outside – anything that can hold even a small amount of water.
  • Potted plants sitting on trays or dishes should be drained at least weekly.
  • Turn over items like wheelbarrows and baby pools when not in use.
  • Support tarps and boat covers to allow rainwater to run off, eliminating pools of water.
  • Change birdbath water at least once a week.
  • If you use a rain barrel, make sure the top is covered with at least 18 x 18 screening.

Other helpful measures:

  • Make sure window and door screens are “bug tight”.
  • Keep doors and windows closed between dusk and dawn. Replace torn or damaged screens.
  • Use LED lights.
    • Incandescent lights and compact fluorescent lights attract more insects. LED’s are cooler; heat from light bulbs also attracts insects.
  • Stay indoors at dusk and early evening.
  • When you do go outdoors during these times, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.  There are some very comfortable synthetic clothes available that are just about as cool and comfortable as shorts and short sleeve shirts. Mosquitoes can bite through some of these garments so it is good if they are a little baggy.

  • Mosquitoes are repelled by high winds, so oscillating fans can provide some relief when you are sitting outside during mosquito season. A fan will not stop all mosquitoes, but it can keep some of them at bay.
    • The fan needs to be within a few feet of person to be effective and the more people sitting together, the more fans you will need.
    • (This trick also works for flies at picnics – place a fan at one end of the table and position it to blow over the food.)
  • Use insect repellents as needed. Be sure to follow all directions on product labels. Here are our thoughts on the best insect repellents.


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