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Dead Mouse Smells Behind a Wall – What to Do?

If you were ranking the worst smells you can encounter, the nasty smell of a decayed mouse or rat has to be considered.

A dead mouse smells bad, and it is not something you want to live with.


What do Dead Mice Smell Like?

One of the most unpleasant things you can experience is the smell of a dead rodent. Mouse and rat carcasses release a potent odor that can penetrate through air ducts, walls and floors. The stench is so strong that it can cause headaches, nausea, and vomiting.

As it turns out, there are two main culprits: decomposition and bacteria. When a mouse dies, its body starts to break down and release various gases. The result is an incredibly foul odor that can quickly fill a room.

The odor of a dead mice might not be that bad at first, but it will continue to get worse until it overpowers your nostrils. Out of nowhere, you’ll start to detect a rancid smell in a certain area of your home. This scent will evolve to a cabbage-like smell and then to a strong smell of decay.

The smell comes and goes in the beginning, it gets worse for a while then it comes and goes again when the dead rodent is almost decomposed. The middle is the worst part.


Stop this from happening again.

Our rodent pest control includes recommendations for preventative measures.


A dead rat smell is similar to a mouse but stronger and it lasts longer – because a rat is larger than a mouse. Either way, the rodent smell makes it obvious that you have a dead critter!

If this is what you’re experiencing, and you think there’s a dead mouse in your wall or air vent — you may be motivated to do something about it. Sometimes a dead mouse smell will last about a week, but it could continue for two or three weeks, depending on where the rats or mice final resting place is.

You might be able to just wait out the horrible stench. If the mouse happens to die in an inaccessible area of your home, there are some steps you can take.


How to Get Rid of a Dead Mouse In a Wall?

The exact source of the smell may be hard to pinpoint because the stench has a way of spreading everywhere in the vicinity (and seeping into the fibers of your very being).

Also, you might have to cut a hole in the wall just to get to the carcass. If you can wait it out, the odor will eventually go away.


How to Get Rid of the Odor!

Depending on what kind of weather we’re experiencing, you may be able to ventilate your home and help dissipate the smell. Open up your windows and doors, turn on a few fans, and get some fresh air in and the rotten air out.


At Green Giant Pest Control, we use sprays and absorbent bags to get rid of the odor until the dead mouse smells go away – without masking the odor with another smell.

You can also absorb some of the scent by placing one of these remedies around the affected area:

  • Dry coffee grounds
  • A baking soda and water spray
  • Cups of vinegar
  • Open containers of charcoal briquettes

It’s important to remember that mice can carry some nasty diseases and germs with them, whether they’re dead or alive. So, doing a deep clean of the affected area should also be on your to-do list.


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