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21 Ways to Kill a Tree

The seasons are changing and our trees are going to be bare soon. Many homeowners may watch as the leaves change colors, but are you truly maintaining your tree’s health? Below is a list of many common ways homeowners may find themselves with bare yards and very expensive tree replacement bills. Learn about these commons mistakes to prevent a headache in the future.

  1. Planting the tree too deep
  2. Planting the tree shallow
  3. Not watering it enough
  4. Watering it too much
  5. Hitting it with a lawn mower
  6. Not putting a mulch ring around the tree (which should keep the lawn mower away from the trunk  and help retain moisture)
  7. Putting too much mulch around the base of the tree and up the trunk (which can cause the trunk to rot)
  8. Girdling the tree by leaving rope tied around the trunk (the rope holding the burlap together at the top of the root ball)
  9. Keeping the tree staked until the guy-wires girdle the tree
  10. Spraying the wrong herbicides around the tree
  11. Incorrectly pruning the tree so it’s structure is weakened or disease & insect problems occur
  12. Topping the tree
  13. Planting a shade-loving plant in full sun (A lot of people try to kill their Azaleas or Dogwood by planting them in full sun. It is usually a long, slow death of a plant)
  14. Planting a sun-loving plant in the shade
  15. Installing a patio over the roots zone
  16. Paving over the root zone
  17. Driving over the roots
  18. Planting an acid loving plant in alkaline soil without adding the proper amendments
  19. Ignoring insect damage
  20. Ignoring disease activity
  21. Using lots of salt in the winter that will wash into the root system of your plants

Many of these mistakes can be avoided, but for the tough and puzzling tree problems, contact Green Giant to maintain and nurture your wonderful tree!

There are a ton of ways to neglect your tree – let’s hear your common problems and simple solutions!


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