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I Have Ants!

That’s what we keep hearing. We have gotten more calls for ant problems than any other pest in the last couple of weeks.

In the pictures, a Green Giant Pest Control technician is installing an ant bait station at our office in Fleetwood Pennsylvania. These bait stations do a great job of controlling ants before they get inside the building. The bait compartment is locked with a child resistant lid and the ants access the bait through holes in the stake. The bait stays dry even if the area is flooded with a few inches of rain – so it lasts a long time.

Ant bait stations are not a “silver bullet.” Ants can be tricky to control so a two or three pronged approach is most often needed. But, they are an important part of our ant control procedures.

If you have ants, give us a call –we are really good at getting rid of them!