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Restaurants and Bars

A single mouse or rat can destroy a restaurant’s reputation. Cockroaches can spread disease. Even flies can drive customers away. And what’s worse—all of this can all happen in even the cleanest of restaurants or bars. With an abundance of food, moisture, ideal temperatures, and pest harborage sites, it can seem like an uphill battle for these businesses.

Customized and Collaborative Pest Control for Restaurants

No matter the extent of your restaurant or bar’s pest problem, early treatment is always the best treatment.  We don’t simply apply pesticides, we partner with you and help you create a pest free restaurant. At Green Giant, our commercial pest control professionals will meet with your personnel and work with you to develop a successful and effective plan. From there, we’ll execute, follow-up on a continuous basis, and be on call whenever the need arises. That’s how we ensure your success from the moment we meet.

We’ll help make sure you:

  • Pass your health inspections
  • Retain positive reviews
  • Protect your reputation
  • Safeguard employee health and satisfaction
  • Keep customers coming back again and again

Green Giant’s Restaurant and Bar Pest Treatment also includes:

  • Flexible scheduling so you receive service when you need it
  • Service tailored to meet and exceed AIB Standards
  • Your Green Giant representative can be present during your inspections to help as needed

Don’t let a small pest problem put your restaurant or bar in jeopardy.