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Spring Fertilization: Food for Your Trees, Shrubs, and Roots

As the Winter subsides and Spring approaches, it reminds us of your plants needs.  Your beloved trees and shrubs took a beating throughout the harsh winter. It is amazing that your plants, which cannot be moved inside, can withstand the extreme cold and snow. After surviving a harsh winter, they deserve your love and attention.

Spring is a good time to apply fertilizer to your plants for the upcoming season, whether they received a fall feeding or not.  In cases of extreme stress to plants, an additional fertilization in the spring can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. A spring fertilization aims to keep or increase the plant’s health and vigor and help it recuperate after the stresses of winter.

Maintaining good plant health decreases the chance of losing those plants while increasing their aesthetic appearance. Your landscape is an investment. Not having to replace plants each year or two and being able to watch them grow and mature is what it’s about. Your plants are like a member of the family.  Often a tree is planted to recognize the birth of a child or memorialize a loved one that has passed away.   Let’s keep them vibrant and enjoy the growth of your “outdoor family.”

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