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Is That A Bed Bug Bite or Something Else?

You woke up with a bite mark on your arm this morning. The bite is unpleasant, especially before your first cup of coffee. As you finally take your first sip, you start wondering what the bite could be from… And of course, the first bug that you think of is the dreaded bed bug.

We find this to be an extremely common situation that our Pest Control experts handle every day. While many people think of bed bugs as the most common offender, the reality is that several other pests can be to blame – and no, a pest cannot necessarily be identified by a bite or a pattern of bites.

Flea Bites

Fleas are often times a culprit, especially when a dog or cat sleeps in the same room with the person being bitten. Multiple fleas can bite in local areas of the body creating rashes and rows of welts, which many people associate with the myth that bed bugs bite in rows of 3. Flea bites can also be extremely painful for some individuals, while others feel no discomfort at all.

Spider Bites

Spiders can bite when trapped inside a blanket or covering. Our pest control techs often do not find any evidence of bed bug activity on or near a bed, but do find masses of small spider webs under and around the beds. This would suggest that the spiders may be getting caught in the bedding and biting in defense. Spider bites are usually less numerous than flea bites, although the bite itself can be quite unpleasant.

Carpet Beetle…Bites?

Carpet Beetles can also cause rashes or welts on the body. While a much less common problem than fleas or spiders, carpet beetles don’t actually bite. The larvae contain stiff hairs that can poke sensitive skin while sleeping and cause an allergic reaction. Children are usually more susceptible due to their tender skin.

Enjoy Your Coffee Itch-Free

Bed bugs are always a possible cause for bites, but sometimes it’s the pest you’re not thinking of that’s to blame. Regardless of which pest it might be, it’s always recommended you seek a bed bug control professional to verify and control the pest… after your first cup of coffee of course!

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