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Lawn Recovery with Aeration and Seeding

Every year many lawns are damaged due to harsh winters.  Several things can happen when the weather gets colder and snow is involved. Snow Mold, rodent foraging and even pedestrian traffic can create damages. Correcting this damage should happen as soon as possible so your lawn can recover before crabgrass and weeds start growing.  While Fertilization will help, aeration and seeding would offer a quicker remedy.


Aeration Services

Aeration is a process which allows nutrients, water, and air down into the soil profile where the majority of the roots are growing.  The holes, not only create avenues for the roots to obtain food, but it also allows more space for the roots to expand and grow.  A stronger root system will help your lawn survive under less than desirable conditions.


Seeding Services

Seeding at the same time as aeration will help get the seed into the soil for better germination.  Some seed will fall into the aeration holes and some will be covered by the soil, but as long as the seed has contact with the soil it will be able to continue growing.  Contact between the seed and soil is key for good germination, especially when seeding in the spring because there will be competition from emerging seasonal weeds.


Benefits of Aeration and Seeding Together

Aeration and seeding can be done in the spring, fall or, both.  Fall is the preferred timing because soil conditions are more favorable for germination and there is generally less weed competition.  However, Springtime aeration and seeding is helpful in reviving your lawn’s health after a harsh winter. Irrigation may be necessary to assure the seed gets a good start if conditions are extremely dry no matter the time of year.

If you would like to help your lawn recover from this year’s harsh winter with aeration and seeding services, contact Green Giant Lawn & Tree Care today.


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